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War and Peace in Six Parts

War and PeaceThe BBC are known for their great drama; and it’s now been announced that they will be turning the epic novel War and Peace in to a six-part drama, written by Andrew Davies. But can such a huge novel be put in to a mere six hours of screen time? Continue reading

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How A Game of Thrones Saved My Life

So Twitter was awash with the joys of Game of Thrones. Not only – to my delight – are The Simpsons doing a spoof of the (multi-award-winning and highly addictive and epic) TV series (based on the most amazing fantasy novels I’ve read). BUT. Wait for it.


I can’t contain my excitement. I really, honestly can’t. Which is why I’m dedicating this post to the amazingness of everything that is the Game of Thrones. And I can say, without doubt, Game of Thrones saved my life. You wonder why? Then you probably haven’t read/seen it and therefore not had your life saved.

1. It saved me from boring/stilted reading
The advantages of a series of books means that you can have several weeks of uninterrupted, joyous reading in the same story universe. The extra advantage of reading this particular series (A Song of Ice and Fire for those who need to know) is that it is so unimaginably amazing, you can’t be bored. It’s a physical impossibility. Even when not reading the book and doing normal, everyday stuff, you can’t help but be excited by the fact that you are reading these books. [And, if you’re me, you also imagine eating your porridge at the same table as the Starks, and suddenly breakfast is that much more interesting.]

2. It introduced me to Jon Snow
I hasten to add that I am less inclined to be attracted to the 14-year-old Jon Snow in the books (that’s too weird) but the TV series Jon Snow has shown me the way. That’s a real man. I now therefore have no need to waste time on ordinary men (if you aren’t in uniform, handing me your credit card, with a sword in the other hand [not a euphemism] then I’m not interested).

3. It taught me to trust no one
The characters are so poisonous, and keep turning against one another, that you can’t help but wonder who’s backstabbing you. So therefore, I have learnt to keep a close eye on all I know … and keeping in mind some Cersei-like revenge. This, I am sure, will one day save my life.

4. It saved me from hours of mind-numbing  boredom watching soap opera after soap opera.
Instead, I now spend hours of blissful TV watching without ever knowing what’s happening next (without the same old plotlines) and loving every second of it.

5. I will never again waste my time on trifling fantasy
A Game of Thrones, if it has taught me anything, is that we can’t waste our time on sub-standard fantasy – and that includes both reading and writing it. Which brings me back to my point (posts and posts ago) whereby I scrapped my sub-standard fantasy writing in the attempt to gain something from Game of Thrones. It has saved me from a life of pitiful attempts at writing (I hope).

If you have never seen it – buy it here; if you have never read it – buy it here. Oh, and if you’re as excited as I am for season two – look at this trailer!

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