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Something Happened

Something Happened, Waterstones, Book, Joseph HellerDon’t forget Inkings and Inklings has moved house!

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Something Happened by Joseph Heller

Published by Vintage

576 pages

It was the madness of war that prompted the magnificent lunacy of CATCH-22; it is the malaise of modern America which inspires SOMETHING HAPPENED – a book as stunning and as splendidly original as its predecessor.

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To Put the Book Down or Not to Put the Book Down

Something Happened, Waterstones, Book, Joseph HellerSorry, I couldn’t resist…

So I’m ploughing my way through Something Happened by Joseph Heller. And to be truthful, this is 500-odd pages of hard freaking work.

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The Penelopiad

The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood, Waterstones, Book, CanongateThe Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood

Canongate: paperback published 2006: 196 pages

Murder comes back to haunt you

For Penelope, wife of Odysseus, running a kingdom while her husband is off fighting the Trojan war is not a simple business. As if it isn’t bad enough that he has been lured away due to the shocking behaviour of her beautiful cousin Helen, Penelope must also bring up her wayward son, face down scandalous rumours and keep more than one hundred lustful, greedy, bloodthirsty suitors at bay… Perhaps not surprising then that it all ends in murder.

Margaret Atwood has given Penelope her own voice so that she can tell her story at last and set the record straight for good.

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