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Save the Teapot

And so, like the dreaded chocolate version, the bottom is falling out of the teapot industry. Big brands have launched a campaign in an attempt to save this oh-so British tradition. Twitter was rife with trending hash tags, and teapots even featured on today’s BBC Breakfast (tea cosy and all).

So what is it that is making us turn from the trusty teapot? Most argue it’s the convenience of a good old tea bag… after all, who has proper time for brewing a good pot of tea nowadays?

As a tea-fiend, I for one am backing the campaign to save the teapot. There is honestly nothing better than a pot of good, home-brewed tea to soothe the soul (preferably with some scones, raspberry jam and lashings of cream for extra soothing, but I’m not fussy). Having tea from a teapot is a bit of a special event – from the preparation to the pouring to the drinking – and it’s a wonderful symbol of friendship and community. What better way to welcome friends than to put on a pot of tea?

So, support our teapots! I think we tea-fiends should unite and save the humble teapot from an innocuous death. I for one will be nipping in to Whittard for my own pot (my current beige two-cup-worth pot simply isn’t enough – I need a matching milk jug and sugar pot too) as soon as I get the chance!

It doesn’t matter if you’re reading this and you’re not British (that’s no excuse) – because tea isn’t just for us Brits any more (we’ll forgive you Americans for the whole Boston thing).

Normally a coffee drinker? Bah! I say – time for tea (and none of that “I need the caffeine” rubbish, tea has the same amount of caffeine as coffee just in a slower hit).

Never had tea before? Pop your tea cherry with a good, hot pot of the stuff.

A tea connoisseur? How about creating your own blend? My fellow tea fiend Ana even tweeted me to inform me of her own blend (Darjeeling and Ceylon if you’re intrigued).

Put down your PG Tips triangle bag – designed for the fuller flavour from the brew – and pick up that loose leaf Earl Grey that’s been in the corner cupboard since last Christmas, dig out that sterling silver strainer your Gran left you and that stained and well-loved (but now almost forgotten) teapot out. It’s time for tea.

Long live the teapot!!!


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