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I am extremely flattered and even more surprised that Life and Laughter nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Normally I get told to shut up with my ramblings, but apparently by blog it’s more acceptable – so thank you to everyone who reads the blog, and especially to Life and Laughter for the nomination.

The rules of the award are that I now have to reveal 7 things you previously didn’t know about me, and what you know you can’t un-know… you have been warned…

1. I’m a natural blonde. Yes, these astounding chocolate locks come from a bottle! I did it in first year of uni because I was bored, and also sick of people asking me why I had dark eyebrows and blonde hair, and I’ve never looked back!

2. I have sky-dived, bungee-jumped, white-water rafted, hang-glided, wrestled a lion (okay, cuddled baby lions) and ridden on the back of a Galapagos tortoise. No, I’m not mental (not totally anyway), it was when I went travelling before university. I decided to try EVERYTHING, and promptly did– though I will never, ever bungee jump again.

3. I only discovered the joys of tea a few years ago. Tea was a relatively unknown and unexplored area for me until university, when tea became an all-important accessory to the degree.

4. I have a weakness for lemon tart. So I can’t really eat it now, and this breaks my heart, because honestly that stuff is like a drug for me. I could eat my way through an entire Tesco Tarte au Citron in one sitting if I could (if anyone has a gluten-free lemon tart recipe, I will sell you my first child for it).

5. I hate feet. Not just in a “that’s gross” way. I really, truly hate feet. The very thought of them turns my stomach. I can barely look at my own and if you dare get one of your feet near me, I will kill you. Just so you know.

6. I’m a vodka snob. Actually, if you went to university with me, you’d probably know that. It’s Smirnoff where needs be, Absolut if possible and Snow Leopard for when I’m rich. That’s it… no supermarket own-brand rubbish. If it’s even close to paint stripper, I’ll use it as paint stripper rather than drink it.

7. And last, but not least, one of my favourite films of all time is Bubble Boy. Normally, I’m a supernatural/gore-fest/action thriller type of gal (no sappy chick flicks thanks), but I will make an exception for Bubble Boy. It’s just so CUTE. I do love other films like Hook and Jack, and I adore Marie Antoinette and Anchorman, but as a rule, it tends to have to have some kind of bloodshed. Oh, and foreign films and art films are my“aren’t I cultured” choices (Coco before Chanel, A Single Man,Che Part One) for if I’m trying to impress someone. Poppaloo brought me up on Monty Python, and Mummaloo indulged my love of Disney, but Bubble Boyis one of those films that I chose for myself, and I can watch over and over again without a break, and still find it awesome.

So there you have it – the seven things you didn’t know about me. And now, another award rule, it’s my turn to nominate some Versatile Bloggers. Introducing to you the 15 bloggers deserving of the award:

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